Make It A Quickie

I hear it all the time…I don’t have TIME to workout.  I hear ya…I do!  Work, family, pets, friends, social engagements…and winter…make time feel fleeting!  Luckily our bodies are so adept that they can transform, even if you just have a few minutes a day!!

Here are a few of the best moves to do if you’re short on time…do one minute of each.  If you find a little extra time, do a second round!!

Squats – one of my favorite exercises; you tone the glutes and the quads and a whole bunch of other minor muscles!  Plus there are like, a 100 different types!  (May be exaggerating, but Google types of squats and you’ll find a plethora of squats!)

Burpees – the one we love to hate.  It’s a mentally exhausting exercise…meaning I get tired just thinking of doing a burpee.  But omg…it works so many muscle groups, it’s hard to argue against doing them.

There are variations for the burpee as well, you just have to be creative.  One of my favorites I’ve found (and I use the term loosely considering it’s still a burpee), is a burpee with a pull-up.  Now before you get all “I can’t do that,” the pull-up I do is with a resistance band and a door mount.  I do the burpee, grab the band, and “pull-up!”

Deadlifts – if I’ve learned anything recently is that I LOVE lifting weights.  I did it in high school, but somewhere along the way decided cardio was more important.  I WAS SO WRONG!  I especially like this move because it works the back.  Very important for long runs!!

Skull crushers – cool name, but yes, I had to look it up too!  You may know them as lat pullovers…and I LOVE THEM!  Laying back and working the back muscles all at the same time…yes please!!  (Plus…the perfect way to tone for those summer tank tops!!)

Pull Ups – literally my arch nemesis…if you can have an arch nemesis of exercises! I’ve never had upper body strength, and these little ditties just point that out!  But oh man do they tone!   And I’ve actually found a way that I can do them…at home!  They sell kits that come with a door anchor and resistant bands, so you can do a standing pull up!  The exercise gods have smiled on me…I wanted the benefit, but had no room in the house or desire to try and do a pull up.  But now I can!!

Planks – these are quickly becoming another favorite.  There is no better exercise to gauge your progress than with planks.  You go from completely unstable and shaky to steady as a board (like a plank…get it…!). And I love competing with myself to see how long I can hold one, and again it’s so cool to see the time get longer and longer!!

Bent Over Rows – the deceivingly easy arm workout.  Why…because you’re resting on a bench while rowing your arm up…but there is no rest, not really!  But this one is a beauty because it not only works your arms, but your back, shoulders, biceps…and probably a whole lotta minor muscles I don’t know the names of!

Bench Press – the other move that I love to hate.  It sculpts the arms like no other…but it sill involves arms…my weakest muscle group!  But I figure if I get the hang of it, at least a little, I’ll look like a bad ass…right?!

Walking Lunges – oh so many benefits!  Plus walking lunges, to me, feel like I’m doing less work.  Of course that’s not true, because anyone who has done walking lunges will tell you once you stop, your legs instantly feel like Jell-O!  Add some weights and you got yourself one mean glute toner!

Each of these exercises, one minute each, and you’re done in 15 minutes!  (Taking into account rest!)  Talk about a quickie!

***Here is the original article.  It explains how to do each exercise!  Enjoy!***