Who Knew Sugar Was Scary?

We’ve all heard it…sugar is bad for you in excess.  But why? It’s in the natural makeup of a lot of the fruits we eat…so how can it be that bad?!

Okay first…stop that thinking.  Yes there is sugar in fruits, but it’s natural and the benefits of the other stuff in that piece of fruit, outweigh the sugar.  Plus, that’s where we should be getting what little sugar we need from…not the added sugar that comes in all those processed foods.

Little disclaimer…I do not pretend to be sugar free!  I probably eat more than I should, as we all do, I am just becoming more aware of my sugar sources.  And the article I’m about share scared me enough to start paying better attention!

You can find the origin article here:               This is Exactly What Happens to Your Body When You Eat a Ton of Sugar

Sugar messes with every organ and system in your body.  Let’s start off with the obvious..it adds weight.  Foods with a lot of sugar also tend to have higher calorie counts and lower protein and fiber counts.  Your body has no choice but to start storing the extra calories as fat for later use.  Keep going on this path, and you become another statistic in the obesity crisis.

Your pancreas has to up its insulin release to accommodate for the extra sugar.  Cells then become resistant to the insulin because they’re being bombarded by it constantly.  Think of it as sleep…wake up early enough consistently, and you eventually get used to an early wake up time.  Same thing with insulin…your cells constantly see insulin, eventually they’ll quit responding.  

All that insulin inundating your cells and the pancreas doing some overtime work, then starts to make you feel sluggish and tired.  You also start to feel hungry sooner and more thirsty.  This is due to the lack of other nutrients; usually protein and fiber.  Do all of this long enough…constant insulin, feeding your hunger with sugar, satisfying your thirst with sugary drinks…and diabetes follows. 

And if all this isn’t scary enough…your brain responds and adjusts to the extra sugar like it would if you were addicted to cocaine.  The same pleasure centers light up and the same addiction process takes hold.  The brain then responds by demanding more sugar to get the same “high,” compounding all the other health problems.

Okay…less scary…at least health wise…sugar wreaks havoc on our skin and collagen.  Sugar attaches to proteins in the body, including collagen and elastin, the stuff that makes our skin stretch and return to normal with little visible damage.  But a lot of sugar in the blood stream keeps collagen and elastin from repairing themselves easily.  
I didn’t quite realize how much sugar affected the body.  I knew it made you gain weight and could lead to diabetes, but affecting the brain and skin repair…yikes!  Moderation is the key.  Read nutrition labels and stear clear of high sugar foods; a general rule is under 10 g per serving (but also watch the serving, if it’s a tsp serving and there are 10 g of sugar, that’s as bad as a cup serving with 20 g of sugar.). Be diligent and smart about your choices…we only have one body, treat it well!