Day 32

There is some running to report today!!!  Or rather…some walking, but exercise nonetheless.

About a week ago I had to swallow some humble pie and realize that since I had twisted my ankle, my fitness level has dropped significantly.  And there is still the problem of the sore ankle.  So, like all athletes should do, I took a step back and reassessed with an open mind where I was in the running process.  And much to my dismay…square 1.  (You know, like “back to square 1…”)

I might have to take this return to running a little more slowly than I had hoped.  The last two days I’ve taken the dogs for a walk, and then set out on my own.  I run a little, but mostly walk…and usually until my ankle starts hurting.  I get about 2-3 miles in…which deflated my marathon enthusiasm just a smidge.

On a positive note, I’m being more conscious about my diet.  That’s a huge struggle that will be ongoing…forever…but eating even 10% better than I was seems to be helping at least the physiological aspect of running.

So today…Day 32 is a rest day since I walked/slightly ran the last two days…should really be Day 3 I suppose.  I started Wednesday really realizing where I was and what I needed to do to reach my goal.  It’s going to be a challenge…but I need some excitement in my life, right?!