Day 22

Day 22…and no running to report.  Yup…still not running as consistently as I want to…

And the culprit is bad diet.  (And maybe the humid weather.)

I can’t really blame the humid weather too much…it’s really only been terribly humid the last two days.  Most of the blame falls on my diet.  I have just been eating whatever, whenever.  And boy do my insides hate me.

It’s one thing to be working out and eating slightly bad…it’s a whole other thing to be eating crappy and not doing any kind of exercise.  It creates this vicious cycle of crave the crap, feel like crap, don’t work out, get hungry, crave the crap, feel like crap….well you get it.

And this little blog thing has actually just made me realize how much I’m hurting myself and training.  Day 22 into my marathon training endeavor…and I’ve run maybe 3 or 4 times.  Seriously…that’s like once a week.  And I’m sitting here feeling crappy about that and crappy in general because of what I’ve eaten in the past 24 hours.

Sometimes you need a wake-up call…sometimes you need to reevaluate your current trajectory…hopefully this is a little bit of both.  I want to feel better and I don’t want to be under-trained come November.  Luckily I have some time to readjust and get back on track…let’s see if I can do that!


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