Day 15

Day 15 was on Tuesday of this week…the 19th.  We got done early with work and so I worked out in the hotel fitness center…and we all know what that means…treadmill workout.

The workout itself was fine…I did a 30 minute interval training, you know speeding up, slowing down, etc.  I actually felt better when I finished then I normally do when finishing a run…and felt like I could keep going (but I had dinner plans, so you know…that won out!)

But the next day…omg major ankle pain.  The unforgiving surface of the treadmill did nothing for the healing ankle.  I could barely walk!  So…no more workouts for me the rest of the time at work.

So now we come to Friday…I may venture out sometime this week and try again on road (since somehow that has more given then the treadmill).  I had heard there was trial and error in marathon training…I had just hoped it wouldn’t be this soon.


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