Day 1 & Day 9

Wow…I hadn’t realized it’s been since January that I last wrote.  So much has happened that the last few months have flown by.  I got a new job that requires 100% more travel then my last one (cause I didn’t travel in my last job), and made a major decision…I’m seriously going to train and try to run a full marathon in November.  And I’m going to try…once again…to chronicle it for my own sanity and for your entertainment value (cause seriously…we all know it’s probably going to be painfully funny…emphasis on painful!)

Day 1
So not officially in a training program yet…most programs start 24 or 16 weeks out from target race date.  But since I’ve done very little running in the last few months…I need an extra few months to build up to the actual training…training for training!

Day 1 was April 4, and yes this is a bit behind…oh well!  Day 1 went good.  Walked the dogs and then did my walk/run for 2 miles.  A friend told me about a great strategy that has been helpful in getting back into running…run to one song, walk to one song…and repeat for entire run.  It’s been good so far to start back into running, and hopefully I will build up to 2 songs run, 1 song walk…and then to no walking!!  (But 26.2 miles…we’ll see!)

Day 9
Yes…8 days between runs…because of my ankle.  When I had a week off between jobs, I was painting my spare bedroom, and when coming off the ladder, stepped on a broom handle and twisted my ankle good!  Since then it’s been iffy on if it hurts or not.  There were several attempts at running in those 8 days, and each time it was too painful to sustain running on it.  And it’s always important to listen to your body and not hurt yourself further.

Thankfully, today I was able to run.  I got an ankle brace and it has helped tremendously.  We’ll see as time goes on if it continues to help; but for 3 miles it did well!  Anxious to get back on a regular running routine, so hopefully it holds up well!



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