The “I’ll Start Monday” Thinking

Today is Oct 1…the month starts anew which means all sorts of things start over.  The only problem…it doesn’t start on a Monday.  So very few people will commit or recommit to something…fitness, nutrition, saving money, reading more, etc. (you get the idea).

How many times have we all thought this…..I’ll start that training program on Monday?  I’ll start my new diet on Monday.   If you could see me you would see that I am raising my hand!  I don’t know if its the traditional Monday-Friday 9-5 mentality, or the idea that Monday is the start of a new week…therefore a new start to everything (which I might add, pay weeks start on Sunday……so maybe we should start our new lifestyles on Sunday!)…but we always feel better making a commitment xx number of days from the time we want to start.

But what if we could start now?  The very moment we decide we need a change…why not start then?  It’s radical, and more than a little difficult, but totally doable.  I decided this week that I really needed to overhaul my workouts…my next half-marathon is 2 months away and I’ve already compromised on training for a full-marathon.  But I’ve been slacking so bad the month of September that I needed a reset.  All good and fine…only I decided last Sunday that I would restart Monday Oct 5…because that was the most convenient Monday to restart.  But then I got to thinking…do I really need a Monday to start?  Why can’t I start on a Wednesday?   Or a Thursday?

So I started on a Wednesday.  It took me a minute to wrap my head around my new schedule…but when I did I found that it would be easy to start off slow and get myself back into a rhythm before my “start” on Monday.  These next few days are what I deemed my “prep” week for my actual start!  What did it for me?  How can you duplicate it?  Simple…

  1.  Just start.  Seriously…you want to start a new diet, order a glass of water at dinner.  Already do that, order a side salad as one of your sides.  Find a fruit or vegetable to add to your dinner.  Put your fork down between each bite and sip some water (studies have shown this helps you consume less calories).  The point is, make a small change.  Don’t change the world in one day…ease yourself into it.
  2. Allow yourself a “prep” week.  That’s what I’m doing this week.  I’m running a little and eating better…but not sticking to a running or workout regimen just yet.  I know what a workout schedule looks like, but I need to get my mind back into that mentality.  So I’m slowing starting to run again.  You can do the same.  You want to start working out on a Monday….the week before take a walk around the block.  Find some low impact workouts on Pinterest and do a rep or two.  Just move for a couple days and let your mind acclimate to the thought of exercising.
  3. Find support.  Again, raising my hand to volunteer.  But look at your household, your friends list…someone will support you.  Tell them what your doing.  Ask them to check in on you.  Find a trusted friend or relative and put them in charge of you.  I have a friend I work with that I tell every umpteenth time I start a new regimen to keep checking in on me.  Support is the one thing that can make or break your new lifestyle in its infancy, when its struggling to become a habit.  Give yourself a chance, and find that person who will hold you up no matter what.
These are the three things I’ve done this week (and will continue to do) so that when Monday comes around, my mind thinks “okay time to start…”  but in reality, I’ve already set myself up for success.  It’s time to overhaul the “I’ll start Monday” thinking…so instead, I’m turning it into “I’ll start Monday…after I start this week!”

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