Fitness Geek

Yup I’ll say it…I am a fitness geek.  But here’s my definition of such things…I love trying to find and using the latest apps and gadgets to get the most out of my workouts and meals. There fun to play with and then when you actually start using them, the inormation they reveal is amazing!!

I’ve used many an app for running, cross training, and tracking my meals.  But I’m only going to tell you about my 2 favorite, because this list could go on!

First, I’ve talked about it before, but I’ve been tracking my food for the last month with MyFitnessPal.  Yes it will also track exercise, but there are apps dedicated to running that I like better…but I digress.  MyFitnessPal is simple and easy to use; it asks you for your daily lifestyle and your goal, and based on that gives you a calorie goal.  When adding food, it has a massive index of foods and restaurants to choose from.  And my favorite feature…if you get your recipe online (like from Pinterest), you can put that website into the app and it will find the recipe and match ingredients for you!  

And not sure how your week is stacking up?  There is a nutrition section where you can look at your week and see how it’s going!  You might surprise yourself and see your not doing as bad as you thought you were!!

 And now on to the fitness app.  I used to use the Nike Run app and it worked fine.  But a lot of friends were using RunKeeper and it kept popping up in magazines as one of THE apps for running.  And they were right!  It’s user friendly and tells me everything about my run, time per mile, mile splits, overall time, and total miles.  And I know what you’re thinking…they all do that!  But wait!  After a particularly good run…longest to date, shortest time per mile, etc…the app sends you rewards!  My first was 20% off a smart scale.  My last two have been coupons for deodorant…yes less exciting but if you’ve ever smelled me after a run you would think it was a fabulous reward!! 

Just a little screen shot of the app.  Shows where you ran and all the other info.  And it’s not bad looking either!

So I would call myself a fitness geek.  The latest greatest apps are like candy to me.  If they’re aesthetically appealing, easy to use, and give valuable info for my fitness then you know I will download it and try it out!!  Ah….fun stuff!


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