Run #1

I made a hefty commitment a week ago…serious half-marathon training including the physical aspect as well as the nutritional aspect.  Well evidently it took me a week to fully accept this reality, because I ran yesterday for the first time in about 3 weeks…wow I’m doing stellar!!

Anyway…I went 2 miles and the reasoning was a) time restraints, started at 10:45 had to be at work at 1:00….add shower, breakfast, feeding dogs…not a lot of time; b) I hadn’t run in 3 weeks so I thought I’d ease in slowly; and c) I was tired, but I bargained with myself, 2 miles and then a hot shower!! 

I learn a lot of things and see a lot on my runs…there are some new houses for sale, some old ones still on the market, and new ones for rent.  Britney Spears’ song Work Bitch is kinda mean when your legs are hurting (I used to think it was a fun motivating song!). And no matter how tired you are, that car is not gonna stop for you even though they have the stop sign.  Important life lessons were learned today!! 

Runs are fun…sometimes it’s only seen in hindsight.  I struggled with my run yesterday because it had been so long since I’d ventured around the neighborhood.  But I’m glad I did it.  In hindsight it was a good thing to go run…and I’ll be glad I did it on run 2!


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