Fitness Done the Pinterest Way

So I guess I should disclaimer…a lot of what I do comes from Pinterest….it just does.  No way around it…it has amazing ideas!  And now moving on…

I was incredibly lazy today and procrastinated enough that I didn’t get outdoors to run….ugh.  Why do I do this to myself.  So I turned on the DVD player, popped in a 21-Day Fix DVD and…nothing.  DVD player doesn’t work.  Really universe…okay so if I hadn’t waited until dark to realize it was getting dark, I could have gone outside.  So…to Pinterest for an adequate workout…did I get it???

This is the first pinned workout I tried…10 Essential Strength Exercises for Runners

I liked this set of exercises because there was a lot of core work.  I’ve noticed my abs and back have been more sore than normal when I run, and I needed to remedy this by strengthening my core.  The other benefit was strengthening of legs…I love my legs but they are usually the first thing to poop out on me during a run!

I also tried a No-Equipement workout from Self as well.

I wanted to try this one because it had no equipment…it uses you own body weight for resistance.  It was an okay workout…I probably wouldn’t do it again (and part of that might be because I scared the dogs with the last slide!)  I don’t have the best upper body strength and this workout involved a lot of upper body.  I think I would rather use free weights for the purpose of building my upper body.

Finally…I just did some moves I could remember from the 21-Day Fix.  That is really the best comprehensive plan I’ve come across.  It keeps me moving and is structured so I’m not hoping back and forth and spending my time clicking on slideshows on the internet.

So the lesson of the day…get your butt out the door when you say you’re going to so you don’t miss beautiful day and a chance to run.  And invest in a new DVD player for those cold days when outside is not an option!


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