Fitness Done the Pinterest Way

So I guess I should disclaimer…a lot of what I do comes from Pinterest….it just does.  No way around it…it has amazing ideas!  And now moving on…

I was incredibly lazy today and procrastinated enough that I didn’t get outdoors to run….ugh.  Why do I do this to myself.  So I turned on the DVD player, popped in a 21-Day Fix DVD and…nothing.  DVD player doesn’t work.  Really universe…okay so if I hadn’t waited until dark to realize it was getting dark, I could have gone outside.  So…to Pinterest for an adequate workout…did I get it???

This is the first pinned workout I tried…10 Essential Strength Exercises for Runners

I liked this set of exercises because there was a lot of core work.  I’ve noticed my abs and back have been more sore than normal when I run, and I needed to remedy this by strengthening my core.  The other benefit was strengthening of legs…I love my legs but they are usually the first thing to poop out on me during a run!

I also tried a No-Equipement workout from Self as well.

I wanted to try this one because it had no equipment…it uses you own body weight for resistance.  It was an okay workout…I probably wouldn’t do it again (and part of that might be because I scared the dogs with the last slide!)  I don’t have the best upper body strength and this workout involved a lot of upper body.  I think I would rather use free weights for the purpose of building my upper body.

Finally…I just did some moves I could remember from the 21-Day Fix.  That is really the best comprehensive plan I’ve come across.  It keeps me moving and is structured so I’m not hoping back and forth and spending my time clicking on slideshows on the internet.

So the lesson of the day…get your butt out the door when you say you’re going to so you don’t miss beautiful day and a chance to run.  And invest in a new DVD player for those cold days when outside is not an option!


Wanted: Healthy Food

So scouring the internet…and by internet I mean Pinterest…there are so many delicious recipes.  And many of them seem healthy…but alas, they are sneaky sneaky calorie bombs.  Case in point…a broccoli infused dish came out to a whopping 744 calories a serving….yikes!  But remember that cool app I found…MyFitnessPal…you can enter the website information in the app or on the website and it will find the recipe, match ingredients to the list, and add it to your log for you.  I’ve been using it lately to find myself some healthy recipes.  Exciting!  Here are a few of the favorites I’ve found so far!

Healthy Chipotle Chicken Potato Skins – 635 calories if it’s your whole meal; 318 calories if its a side item

Chipotle Chicken

Homemade Vegan Doritos – 100 calories per 10 chips

Vegan Doritos

Skinny Pumpkin Banana Quick Bread – 342 calories per slice

Skinny Pumpkin Bread


The Beginning

At the beginning of February, I realized I had only 3 months to train for my next half-marathon. What?  Three months?  That’s forever!!  Well when running 13.1 miles…3 months can feel like 3 weeks.  Ugh…okay…just do it…commit to a training program for 3 months.

And so it begins…on Feb 9 I told myself that I was going to take this training thing seriously for 3 months, and at the end I would get a nice big sundae as a reward.  Well…I’ve already had my sundae…and progress has been imperfect at best.

So I bought this book, “The Runner’s Diet,” by Madelyn H. Fernstrom, because it’s so much easier to run when you don’t have to worry about the gut rumbles.  To make it absurdly simple, to get the best performance possible, a runner’s diet should have 50% carbs, 25% protein, and 25% fat.  It’s also necessary to eat these nutrients at the right time of day.  Protein in the morning and afternoon to satisfy hunger, and carbs in the evenings to hold you over while you sleep.  And sure, there are other nutrients we need to throw in…fiber, vitamins, etc.  When broken down like this, nutrition should be a piece of cake.

Well outside temptations…lets just say cake…get in the way.  So my perfectly defined runner’s diet breakdown, gets tossed out the window.   Ugh…why is sugar so good?  So I took a proactive approach…I downloaded the MyFitnessPal app which lets me track my food.  It also allows me to follow the specific nutrition elements I want to and what percentages I want them to be at (oh yeah, and calories!).  And you know what…I wasn’t doing half bad.  Sure some days were way out of whack, but the majority of my eating matched my intake goals.  Okay…this might be a little easier than I thought.

So in the cold, snowy month of February…my main goal now is to fix my eating.  I will do my fitness, but I will concentrate on food just a little bit more.  I foresee some inside time in the near future as snow and cold are in the forecast for at least a week…so I can make meal plans and plan shopping so I can succeed.  I will train right for this half-marathon……………I will, I will, I will!!